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The focus of Simplex Automation Systems Ltd, SAS, is empowerment of our clients through consistent delivery of superior and proven Information Technology (IT) services and solutions that offer them tremendous opportunities to create competitive advantage in the market place and enhance the capability of their businesses to achieve superior returns.

The following are some of the drivers for our value proposition.

Firstly, While Information Technology offers tremendous benefits to business, it also presents enormous challenges, which, if not resolved professionally, could be overwhelming to the point of turning IT into a bleeding edge rather than a leading edge for the business. Our resolve is, therefore, to assist organisations overcome the challenges of IT deployment by ensuring that the right IT is deployed and that IT is rightly deployed.

Secondly, there have been many investments in Information Technology for technology sake thus resulting in huge investments that offer little in return to business. Our products and consulting approach is therefore business-centric. We assist our clients by ensuring that well-articulated business objectives are the drivers for IT investments thus ensuring that there is alignment between the IT strategy and the strategy of business.

Perhaps most important, the strong technical background of our lead consultants, rich experience, all-round perspective to Information Technology and understanding of the fine details of the business drivers guarantee consistent and superior value added services to our clients.

Simplex Automation Systems Limited (SAS) commenced full business operations in year 2002. Although the company is relatively a young, however, the cumulative experience of the founders and managers is close to fifty years in the Information Technology industry in Nigeria and beyond.



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